Seychelles Beaches

The Beaches of Seychelles; the best in the world

The Seychelles beaches are quite likely some of the most beautiful o­n earth. Seychelles is made up of 115 islands and is located near the East African Coast. With so many islands to choose from the beach possibilities are largely unlimited. The beaches are split into two main groups inner and outer islands, the inner islands are granitic and reside in the Seychelles plateau. The outer islands are then split further into five sub groups, the Aldabra Group, Alphonse Group, Amirantes Group, Farquhar Group, and The Southern Coral Group.

Sunset Seychelles

The three most famous of the Seychelles beaches are Beau Vallon, Anse Source D'Argent, and Anse Lazio. Beau Vallon is a large beach with soft white sands and clear blue waters which nearly cover the beach at high tide. With full lodging services, many sport activities to choose from, and plenty of shade this gem of a beach is perfect for vacationers.

Anse Source D'Argent is among the granite islands and therefore boasts a more adventurous coast line. With pink sandy beaches nestled between large granite boulders this island offers a cozy almost secluded feel, which is heightened by the fact that it has no big sprawling resorts. The accommodation still manage to range from
the lap of luxury, to a simpler charm.

Anse Lazio is a beautiful crescent of soft white sands framed by greenery and granite and is perhaps the most popular of the beaches. It has been hailed by the media for several years as "the best beach in the world"

With beach activities, luxurious accommodations and all the beauty the beaches of Seychelles are worth the trip.