Miami Beaches

World Famous Miami Beaches

There is a good reason why people from all over the world come to visit the beaches of Miami: It is always sunny and warm through all four seasons. Whether you are travelling by yourself or with your family, there is the perfect beach for every occasion. If you are travelling with your family you want to go to Crandon Park on Key Biscayne or Matheson Hammock. There you can find family friendly ambience. If you don't just want to spend the day on the beach you should visit Matheson Hammock which is located south on the mainland. It is more of a lagoon with a perfect view of the bay. Covered in the entrance fee you have access to all walking paths. Besides that you can watch boats and yachts in their marina.

The other beach, Crandon Park, is about three miles long and has thirteen lifeguard towers which makes swimming safe. There is also a playground, picnic tables, beach volleyball courts, restrooms with shower facilities. Parking is fee based.

The Lighthouse on Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park
The perfect view for a sunset is the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on Key Biscayne. You can find the historic lighthouse at the end of the island and there are two restaurants open for your convenience. It is an isolated beach, where you can find peace and quietness.

Have I been here before?
No, probably not but you probably know this world-famous South Beach from movies and advertisements. It is the historic Miamy Beach which is popular amongst surfers. It is one of Miami's wildest beaches. If you walk up north at 12th Street and Ocean Drive you will come to the gay beach. Another popular beach amongst LGBT's is the beach at Haulover.

Another beach further north on 79th Street and Collins Avenue is the largerst state park beach called North Shore Open Space Park. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes near by. Free concerts are performed at the historic North Beach Bandshell. It is supposed to be the best beach in Miami for its vegetation and open spaces.

Sunny Isles Beach and Pier was built in 1936 which is located further up Collins Avenue. It is the only traditional pier in Miami for fishing and walking.

There are many activities offered on South Beach: lounge chours, cabanas and umbrellas can be rented, also many water sport skills like kayaks and waverunners.

If you come to Miami don't forget to bring a good sunscreen and plenty of water to drink to enjoy your day on the beach.