Mexico Beaches

Mexico Beaches

Telchac Puerto
Mexico is well-known for its party scene in cities like Tijuana and also for the vibrant culture o­n display in its capitol of Mexico City, but vacationers looking for a more laidback holiday head to Mexico for its beautiful beaches. With coastlines o­n both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Mexico offers a wide variety of public and private beaches ideal for any type of vacation excursion.

On its Eastern coast, Mexico's best-known Caribbean beaches can be found in the famed region of the Mayan Riviera. You will get a history lesson and a tan when you visit the ruins at Tulum. Cancun is probably the country's most famous beach destination and features the largest and most luxurious resorts, but you'll get a truer taste of the local culture at Cozumel, o­nly an hour's drive south of Cancun.

Los Cabos - which contains the famous resort city of Cabo san Lucas - is the gem of Baja California. The soft, white sand beaches of Cabos stretch for hundreds of miles and enter into an emerald green ocean. o­n these beaches you'll find an overwhelming number of aquatic options from sailing to snorkeling and from surfing to whale watching.

Troncones Beach
Head south of Los Cabos down the Western coast of Mexico, and you'll encounter celebrity-studded Pacific beach towns like Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. If you're looking for a quieter atmosphere and more modest accomodations, you can find them further down the coast at Puerto Escondido and Puerto Angel.

For obvious reasons, many tourists flock to Mexico beaches during the summer months, but you'll get the best weather and prices without the crowds (or the insects) in November through May.