Mauritius Beaches


Your average tourist may not even have ever heard of the island of Mauritius, muchless know where it is. o­n the eastern coast of Africa, a little farther into the Indian Ocean than the island of Madagascar lies Mauritius. This gorgeous island offers countless beaches, year-round warm waters, coral reefs and great weather.

Grand Baie, Mauritius
All of the island's best beaches are located o­n the island's west coast. Grand Baie is o­ne fantastic beach destination; the town used to be a fishing village, and you will still see fishing boats along the coastline. Now, however, the town now has an array of hotels from simple bungalows to five star resorts as well as boutiques and shops offering crafts handmade by locals. Grand Baie is also just next to the Black River Gorges National Park, a destination in itself that offers attractions such as gorgeous hiking trails, birds that can be found nowhere else o­n earth, and troupes of monkeys.

The second beach we would recommend is Mont Choisy. Mont Choisy is o­ne of the biggest and longest beaches o­n Mauritius that is public, and it is not far at all from Grand Baie. The beach has a unique appearance; pristine white sand and the dramatic silhouette of the local tall, slender Casuarina trees contrast the emerald color of the ocean. The beach is both alluring and relaxing, with fewer tourists and little to no watersports taking place. Additionally, you can find excellent restaraunts in Mont Choisy. There are several types of cuisine available in Mauritius, including French, Indian and Chinese. Seafood is a common ingredient in almost any dish, and since it is incredibly fresh, it is always excellent.