Italy Beaches

Italy beaches

Almafi Coast
Italy is o­ne of the most popular beach destinations in Europe, second o­nly to Greece and the southern coast of France. Italy's Amalfi coast is famous around the world for its stunning landscape and wonderful beaches.

However, first-time visitors to Italia's beaches may be surprised how different they are from the o­nes that they are used to. What the Italians refer to as beaches sometimes don't even have sand. Most beaches are private, and will require you to pay an admission fee before going o­nto the beach. While there are public beaches, they are generally dirtier and more crowded than the private o­nes. Swimming is hugely popular, as is sunbathing. You can rent a sunbed or parasol at many of the private beaches you go to. Also, in Italy, beaches are also huge party spots. Tourists may notice that many beaches will have an array of bars and discos right o­n the beach.

In Italy, it may be hard to go for a quiet moonlit walk o­n the beach. These beaches parties often get crazy with activities like 'sexy wrestling' and plenty of alcohol. Tourists looking for a pulsing nightlife will really enjoy these beach parties, whereas people looking for a calm and quiet getaway will not be so fond of them.

Beach Sicily
Some of the most stunning white sand beaches in Italy are actually o­n the island of Sicily. With countless of hidden away coves and near-deserted beaches, Sicily is a paradise for beach-goers. The town of Taormina probably has the best array of fabulous of beaches to choose from, and thanks to the Mediterranean, waters are warm almost year-round.