Hawaii Beaches

Top Hawaii Beaches

Hanalei Bay
Makena Beach
When visiting Hawaii, the beaches are the main attraction o­n each island. Lanikai Beach in Oahu is o­ne of the most treasured Hawaii beaches, offering crystal clear turquoise waters and a reef barrier surrounding the beach. If you are looking for a beach that offers plenty of water activities, then you may want to visit o­ne of the Hawaii beaches frequented by tourists, such as Black Rock Beach o­n the island of Maui.

Hawaii beaches range from small, isolated areas to beaches that are over a mile long and frequented by tourists and locals alike. Water activities like scuba diving, kayaking, and surfing are available o­n all the major beaches o­n the islands. Hapuna Beach State Park, o­n Big Island, offers great scuba diving, swimming and surfing opportunities.

Kihei Coast
Visiting Hawaii beaches during weekdays is a great opportunity to relax in the natural beauty that surrounds the islands. You will see large formations of volcanic rock, schools of colorful tropical fish and greenish blue water o­n most of the beaches that you visit. Afternoon winds transform the ocean into a surfers dream by kicking up the waves o­n most of the beaches o­n the islands.

Boogie boarding is o­ne of the most popular activities o­n Hawaii beaches, so come prepared to try your skills o­n the water. The winter months often provide bigger, choppier waves for surfers to test their skills, while summer months provide calmer waters perfect for beginners to practice their skills o­n a surfboard. Hawaii beaches are all kept generally well maintained, giving you an opportunity to enjoy nature in the midst of the city.