Curacao Beaches

Curacao's Best Beaches

Curacao offers visitors plenty of tropical islands, beaches, and opportunities for fun. As an island located in the southern Caribbean Sea, many of its beaches are ideal for relaxation and privacy.

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Boca Santa Cruz is o­ne of Curacao's quirkiest beaches, with a wide beach and palm trees. Surrounding this beach is the mangrove swamp, which means this beach is not the best for snorkeling. Boca Santa Cruz is noted for the quirky array of birds that flock to the beach. This beach offers unique opportunities for animal lovers to enjoy the diverse bird-watching.

On the contrary, Jan Thiel Beach offers great snorkeling opportunities in Curacao. This beach is located in o­ne of the nicest residential areas of Curacao, also making it a safe location.

For a more popular tourist beach in Curacao, Kenepa offers o­ne of the most beautiful beaches. Halfway down the beach is a gorgeous cliff, and taking photos by the cliff is a tourist tradition.

The Blue Bay Beach is also another beach many tourists flock to, since it is safe for families with children. The white sand of this beach is o­ne of its biggest attractions. Families can find a children's playground for kids and weekly Sunday barbecues. Parents can find lounge chairs provided by the beach, making it comfortable to relax and watch the kids play o­n the beach.

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Another great beach for kids is Playa Lagun. This beach is very shallow and children can watch the fish swimming in the water. Fishing is also a popular activity at this beach.

Curacao has diverse beaches to offer whatever your needs or desires are. Be sure to make the most of what every beach in Curacao can offer.