Caribbean Beaches

Best Hidden Caribbean Beaches

The Caribbean contains thousands of islands, which o­nly adds intrigue to its tropical paradises. Many beaches are hidden, even to regular guests of the Caribbean. During your Caribbean getaway, make sure to check out these prime hidden beaches.

Honeymoon Beach
The first Caribbean beach is Honeymoon Beach, St. John. The gorgeous white sand and lack of industry make this island quaint and relaxing. Take the walking trail from the Caneel Resort, enjoy a day at the beach, and head back to the Caneel Resort for a nighttime drink. What could be better than a drink under the stars, in o­ne of the most exclusive Caribbean beaches in the world?

Is discovering the Caribbean sea world for you? Then try snorkeling at the Underwater Marine Park in Curacao. Coral reefs are abounding in this park, and marine life is easily marked with signs for snorkelers. Great if you are a first time snorkeler.

The Sandy Spit beach in the British Virgin Islands is another great getaway. Hollywood has flocked to the Sandy Spit beach to film various backdrops in movies. If it's good enough for the privacy of Hollywood, then surely it's private enough for the traveler valuing moments of exclusive privacy.

Negril Beach, Jamaica
Need to shake it up a bit? Perhaps you are looking to go have a little mysterious fun during your Caribbean trip. How about trying the Caribbean beaches in Jamaica? Much of Jamaican culture is made up of ancient spirituality. At Jackie's o­n the Reef in Jamaica, you can open yourself to new spirituality through seeing your past lives. This gorgeous health spa is right o­n the ocean, and has been featured by Oprah Magazine.

With these suggestions, you will make the most of your time at the Caribbean's finest and exclusive beaches. Go now, before the rest of the world discovers these hidden gems.